Why it’s important to act early and tell us your concerns

It may be nothing, but if something doesn’t feel right, the sooner you seek help the quicker we can support the person you’re worried about.

We know it can seem like a big step to share your worries, but in most cases there isn’t any need for further police involvement. Getting the right support could include help with education, substance abuse or managing mental health issues.

Our Prevent officers work with other organisations including local authorities, teachers and health professionals to put the right plan in place. They’re here to listen to you and offer help and advice.

Act early and together we can help the person you care about turn things around.


Don’t ignore the small changes because by the time you realise the danger it will be a bigger problem to deal with. Just start the conversation. Trust your instincts.

Brother of radicalised individual

Why contact us early?

We know it can be hard to share your concerns but radicalisation can happen very quickly, especially online. The sooner you seek help, the quicker we can protect the person you care about from being groomed and exploited.

Everything you say to us is in confidence. We won’t tell the person you’re worried about that you called us, unless you say we can.

But we do need you to act early and tell us who needs our help. Then we can work with other organisations to help steer them away from a path that could lead to them harming themselves and others.

Who else can you call?

If you don’t want to speak to us first, there are other people who you can talk to and organisations that can help. We work with lots of partners who can offer local support to you.

Who else can help?


If I can transform one person, it’s not just that one person, it is the other lives that could have been damaged, or the other people they might have taken along the road with them. It has a knock on effect.

W. Joseph, Intervention Provider

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