Our partners

By working together with other organisations and putting the right package of support in place, our Prevent officers have helped many people to move away from extremism and find a new direction.

But if you’d rather not talk to us directly, there are other people you can speak to. This could be a teacher, a community organisation or faith leader, your local authority or a health professional.

If you prefer to look online first, here are some other organisations you can go to for advice and support.

Partners list

Families For Life


Independent and confidential counselling and support for families or friends affected by radicalisation.

Families Against Extremism


Offer support to families whose loved ones may be active in extreme groups or ideology.

Internet Matters


Information for parents who want their children to be safe online.



Information, support and advice for anyone who is worried about a child.



Direct counselling and advice for children on a wide range of issues.

UK Safer Internet Centre


A partnership of three leading organisations that promote safer use of technology for young people.



An education programme that helps to protect children.

Parent Zone


Information and support in understanding the digital world, to help raise resilient children.

South West Grid for Learning Trust


Online content and support network for families, agencies and schools.

Educate Against Hate


Official HMG resource offering advice and guidance to protecting children from radicalisation and extremism.

Who can you talk to locally?

Contact your local police force using this link police.uk/contact/force-websites Your local authority may have a safeguarding lead; you can contact your local authority using this link gov.uk/find-local-council

All of us involved in the Prevent process are helping and supporting people to make a difference. I’ve seen the role the police have in this and they really get it and how it can make a difference on a personal level. It means people can get the support they need.

Nick, Intervention Provider

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