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Police forces across the country have specially trained Prevent officers who work locally with professionals in health, education, local authorities and charities, as well as faith and community groups to support vulnerable people move away from extremism. 

We do this through a Home Office programme called Prevent and because all the organisations are involved from the start, the person can get the help they need quickly. Working together we have helped many people choose a more positive path.


I get a great reward when I see the positive progression people can make. I worked with one lad who I still keep in touch with several years later, who has gone on to have a very successful career.

Nick, Intervention Provider

How we can help the person you care about

Every case is assessed by our Prevent officers. If we think there is cause for genuine concern, we will contact the person. We want to help people move away from extremism before the behaviour escalates and to do this we need you to act early and tell us your concerns. We can then work with the other organisations to put the best support plan in place.

Trust your instincts

It could be nothing, but what if it isn’t? 

It can feel scary to think someone close could be heading down a dangerous path, but friends and family are better placed than anyone to know when something doesn’t feel right. If you’re worried, speak to us in confidence and we’ll listen to your concerns. 

We’re here to help and you will not be wasting our time. You can better protect someone you love from becoming drawn into dangerous activities or groups, if you seek help and advice at an early stage.


There is usually a trigger, a catalyst that causes people to question their role, their place in life and a group comes along and paints a magical state that will come along and right all the wrongs.

Abdul, Intervention Provider

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