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Learn more about how we can work together to help if someone close to you is at risk of radicalisation.

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Young Man:
They got in my head.
They made me feel heard.
They understood me.
I felt part of something for the first time…
…and it felt good.
But I didn’t realise they were just using me

I knew something was wrong with him.
It felt like my world was falling apart…
…like I was losing him.
I was terrified about what could happen to him and to us…
…but we needed to find another way.
So, I reached out for help.

I’m a Prevent officer…
…a specialist trained to understand how someone’s vulnerability can be exploited by radicalisers to lead them down a dangerous path.
Radicalisers find a trigger and use people’s anxieties to tie them into their way of thinking.
We help the person untangle themselves.
All it takes is a call.
We’re here to help you, and the person you care about, start the conversation, so together we can find a way through.

Our Prevent officer was great.
My son can be obsessive and needed a shift in focus.
He’s very bright.
She organised for my son to visit a car manufacturer, as he’s interested in engineering.
A new direction, to stop him going down the wrong path.
I thought it was amazing how she really understood him.

Young Man:
It gave me hope for the future.
If it wasn’t for the support I got, I don’t think I’d be here now.

Every year we help thousands of people who may be at risk of radicalisation.
If you’re worried that someone you know is in danger of being radicalised, act early and seek help.
You won’t ruin lives, but you could save them.

Visit the link here for Welsh transcripts.

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