How we help

We will listen and are here to help.

Contact us in confidence and we’ll listen carefully to your concerns. You will not be wasting our time. Our approach begins by understanding people are victims of radicalisation; we don’t view them as suspects or criminals.

The earlier you tell us your worries, the quicker we can get the person you care about the help they need.

Receiving support is voluntary. We need the person’s permission to help them. 

Depending on the situation, we might reach out to other organisations we work with to put the right support in place. For example, that could be support from a doctor, through a school, or with a local community group or specialist mentors – known as Intervention Providers. 


A holistic approach

He was able to discuss his beliefs and values in a safe environment and, over time has become more accepting of others.

We work with a range of partners to put a package of support together for the individual. There are vulnerabilities they might have that our partner agencies can help more with, it’s a partnership.

We look at the needs of the whole family network and take a very holistic approach to make sure that any vulnerabilities and individual needs are met by the police and other agencies who help deliver Prevent.

My role is to tackle the things that make people prone to radicalisation, areas in their life they might need help with or might feel left behind in. I could be helping them to navigate relationship or drink related problems or more practical things like applying for housing.

We can all be vulnerable at difficult or challenging times and it’s ok to ask for help.

Working together

The Prevent programme works because we talk to our partners and together we find the right support for the person you worry and care about.

Professionals, charities and community groups can all help people to overcome the issues that make someone vulnerable to being groomed by extremists.  

But we need your help. By acting early and telling us about your concerns we can prevent the person you care about from being exploited by extremist groups. Together we can help them choose a different path.

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